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Our Program

We’re your guide to Harvey home repair in the Greater Houston area.
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How we work

Eligibility Screen

Fill out a short eligibility screen to know if you may be eligible for repairs from one of our partner non-profits.
Duration: 5 minutes


Fill out a home-repair in-take form. If you don’t have all the documents ready, don’t worry. Submit this regardless.
Duration: 30 minutes
After you successfully submit the application, we will send you SMS and email updates on a weekly basis to provide you information about your status.

Once an application is fully submitted, you can no longer make any edits. If any changes need to be made, please communicate directly with your assigned Harvey Home Connect Guide.

Document Verification

We assign you a HHC guide. Your guide works with you to collect outstanding documents and verify information.
Duration: 7 business days, if documents are uploaded. 15 business days, if documents are missing or inaccurate.
At the end of this step, it is possible you may be deemed ineligible to continue with Harvey Home Connect.

Non-Profit Match

Your guide puts you in touch with one of our partner home repair non-profits.
Duration: 5 business days. This may vary based on our partners' waitlists.

Assessment, Permitting and Construction

Our partner agencies work with you to evaluate damage, determine if repairs are possible and start construction.
Duration: 2-4 weeks.
Construction time varies based on repair needs. We will work with your partner non-profit to ensure your home is repaired in a timely manner

The goal of our repairs is to provide a stable living environment. This means we may not be able to bring a home to its previous state.

“Thank y’all for everything. Y’all took my house and have me back my home. God bless y’all.” A HHC Client

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Repairs our partners can do

Our goal is to get homeowners affected by Harvey back into their own stable, livable home. The home may not be able to be returned to its pre-storm condition.

Our partners can repair homes in the City of Houston and/or Harris County that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Within the 100-year floodplain, repairs are generally limited to less than half of the property value, per permitting standards.

Repairs our partners can't do

At this time, our partners can't repair mobile and manufactured homes, duplexes (non-single family homes), condos or townhomes. Furthermore, our partners will not do demolition, full rebuilds, or home elevation.

Repairs to resolve issues that pre-date Harvey and items deemed minor/cosmetic (trim, paint, cabinet doors, baseboards, interior doors, slow drains, etc.) may not be considered. Structural damage (foundations, roofs, load bearing walls, etc.) is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Who we work with

Frequently asked questions


How can I apply to Harvey Home Connect?

Click here to begin a Harvey Home Connect application.

Who can submit a Harvey Home Connect application?

To be eligible to begin the Harvey Home Connect application process, the following criteria must be met:
  • The home is located in the City of Houston and/or Harris County.
  • Hurricane Harvey damaged the home.
  • The seeker lived in the home prior to Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.
  • The home is owned by the seeker, another member of their household, or a family member (living or deceased).
  • The household income is less than 400% of the federal poverty guidelines or 120% of the area median income, both of which vary by household size.
In order to begin repairs on a home, we will also verify the following:
  • Property tax payments are up-to-date or homeowner can provide evidence of a payment plan
  • Mortgage is up-to-date or homeowner can provide evidence of a payment plan (if the home is mortgaged)
  • Cases with delinquent property taxes or mortgage payments, liens, and/or bankruptcy could disqualify a home from being eligible to receive home repair services through Harvey Home Connect

Am I still eligible if someone in my household is undocumented?

Yes. Our program is open to undocumented homeowners and household members.

Will submitting an application affect my immigration status?

No. Our partners utilize private funding, and receiving home repair assistance from them will not affect your immigration status.

Where can I direct questions about Harvey Home Connect?

Please direct questions about the Harvey Home Connect program to info@harveyhomeconnect.org, and a Harvey Home Connect representative will get back to you shortly. For media inquiries, please direct questions to Rachel Young at ryoung@ghcf.org.

Does filling out an application guarantee that my home will be repaired?

No. After you submit an application, there is a two-step eligibility verification process that must be passed in order to receive home repair services. Furthermore, our home repair partners will assess the damage to your home. It is possible that repairs will not be within the scope of what they can assist with.

What is the eligibility process?

1. First, the Harvey Home Connect team will collect and verify all required documents related to your household income, property taxes, mortgage (if applicable), and home ownership (for a full list of required documents, see the APPLICATION PROCESS section below).

2. If the Harvey Home Connect team verifies you are eligible from an income, property taxes, mortgage, and home ownership perspective, a representative will connect you with a Harvey Home Connect home repair partner organization to complete a construction assessment on your own. The home repair organization will then determine whether your home is eligible for repairs based on the construction assessment.

Can Harvey Home Connect partner organizations repair damage to my home that was not the result of Hurricane Harvey?

No. At this time, Harvey Home Connect partner organizations can only repair damage that resulted directly from Hurricane Harvey.

What if I have already received some funds for home repair (FEMA, homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance, other home repair nonprofits, etc.)?

You can still apply to Harvey Home Connect, but please know that if you’re eligible to receive repairs, you must have documentation as to how these funds were spent. You may be asked to contribute some or all of these funds towards the repair costs.

I know I want to work with a specific home repair organization. Can I apply directly to that organization instead?

Our partner agencies are using Harvey Home Connect as their primary application. The fastest way to receive service is to apply on our website, and have us match you with the organization best suited to repair your home. Due to the number of applications, we cannot guarantee that you will be matched with the agency of your choice.

Application process

What documents are required for an application to be considered?

If you have any questions about what income documents are acceptable for the application, contact us at info@harveyhomeconnect.org. We can work together to find the appropriate documentation for your circumstances.

Proof of income documents for each adult household member. Typically, we collect the following:

2 most recent and consecutive pay stubs (note: we also accept other forms of income verification).
2 most recent, consecutive, and complete checking account statements (if person has checking account).
1 most recent savings account statement (if person has savings account).
Tax return (if filed in past two years).

For each home:

Current deed or affidavit proving ownership.
Most recent mortgage statement (if home is mortgaged).
Property tax payment plan (if applicable; we’ll cross-reference all applications with the Harris County Tax Assessor’s database).
Itemized list of home repair expenditures from FEMA reward.

Is the application available in other languages?

The application is available in English and Spanish via our website. We have bilingual staff to assist clients in Spanish. We encourage speakers of languages other than English or Spanish to work with one of our disaster case management partner organizations who have multiple language capabilities in order to access services.

How long does it take to fill out a Harvey Home Connect application?

We recommend that you set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to complete a Harvey Home Connect application. The form can take longer to complete for larger households. We worked hard to limit the amount of questions necessary to access Harvey Home Connect partner’s services.

For how long will Harvey Home Connect accept applications?

Harvey Home Connect will accept applications for as long as our home repair partners have capacity to take additional cases.

Is my data safe?

At Harvey Home Connect, we take data privacy and security seriously. We use technology platforms with robust data security measures - FormAssembly Compliance Cloud and Salesforce.org - to ensure Harvey Home Connect applicants’ personal data are safe.

Funding & Governance

How is Harvey Home Connect funded?

Harvey Home Connect was created by a grant from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (HHRF). Since then, HHC has also received a grant from Global Giving to help enable its expansion beyond Harris County.

What is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund?

After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who wanted to help, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which accepted tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims that were affected by the storm. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF) is one of Houston's largest grant makers and provides individuals, families, corporations, foundations, and advisors with the ability to reach beyond what they could have ever imagined to expand philanthropic impact. To learn more, visit www.ghcf.org.

Are you receiving any federal funding for the Harvey Home Connect program?

Harvey Home Connect does not receive any federal funding. Harvey Home Connect’s partner nonprofits are rebuilding homes with funding from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and other private sources of funds.

Do I need to pay back or reimburse any funds spent on my home?

Homes accepted by our partners will be repaired at no cost to the homeowner.
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